What is tunnel therapy?
By Jean Côté, psychologist.

Painful, largely unknown events are the underlying cause of psychological and/or physical problems for many people. This is the fundamental postulate of tunnel therapy. The objective of tunnel therapy essentially is to discover those events from the past so that the client may relive them and integrate them. A person is traumatized when he starts to arrange his life in terms of the traumatic event. If this trauma occurred in childhood, there are dire consequences for this person, since his relationships to himself, to others and to the world at large are fundamentally distorted. Often we hear: «Why don't you just forget about that?»; or «All of that’s in the past!»; or «You can't do anything to change what’s happened to you!». Error! Falsehood! Sophism! As long as it is not assimilated, the traumatic past remains in the present. The traumatic past makes its presence known by a variety of mental pathologies and physical illesses.

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Fundamental postulate :

Painful and mostly unknown events are, for many people, the cause of their psychological and/or physical problems.

Essential objective :

To enable the client discover these scenes from the past, and to relive them in order to integrate them.

The procedure :

The use of age regression for which the triggers appear in the TUNNEL. There is absolutely no need for the therapist to use suggestions, guided imagery or any other method.

Theoretical foundation :

The dissociation theory of the French psychiatrist Pierre Janet helps us to understand how a traumatic event can influence a person's behavior without his knowledge. This influence will persist as long as the person has not relived and integrated the event.

Its utility :

This technique can be applied to a wide range of cases, from individuals with serious pathology to those who are functioning almost normally.

Are you interested in using this approach?

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